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NEW Info on RTF: EPISODE-I @ 9/27/2002 10:37:24 AM
School Holiday starts today in Sydney and wot good timing it is for a competition!

RTF Presents EPISODE-I will be held in Sydney on October the 5th.

Venue would be Playtime on George Street.

Starting time would be 12:00pm

Check-in time will start from 11:30am.

Price is $2 for Normal, $3 for Expert, pay-per-play for Freestyle section.

And specially for Michael, Oni section will be offered to him FREE since he is the defending champion from the last PSSP.

There are 2 sections on offer: Normal and Expert. Oni section will be restricted to [email protected] only since he is the only one from Sydney qualified.

New comers can select between Normal or Expert to enter. Old players would only be able to enter Expert only.

A Basic section will be created if there is demand on the morning of the competition. It will only be a local competition.

Free pizzas for lunch for the entrants, and there might be a small Freestyle comp being held. Player can choose any dancegames they want and perform their best routine or freestyle on it. Anyone can enter and the prize will be 5 free games in PT for the winner....but it must be freestyling!

And as EBE has said, it has been a long time since the last DDR comp (NDF-SICK was the last one and that was in July) and we have got stacks of new comers into the scene lately. I have personally spoken to a few already and please people, encourages ur friends or anyone who hasn't been in a competition yet to participate. Even if they dont want to compete, get them down to cheer! We want crowds too!

Itz not a matter of prize or pride, itz all about having FUN together as a group....a community!

I hope to see everyone there on the day :)

Posted by Iori
Edited by Iori