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Top 10 Signs Of DDR Addiction Profiles These Top 10s were originally posted on BBS a while back. The poster's names were not saved along with the content. Please inform us, to give you credit you deserve
Top 10 signs of DDR addiction Originator
10) You buy a pair of shoes/trainers specially for playing DDR.
9) You start taking a change of clothes with you to the arcade. So that you have a fresh T-shirt to wear on your way home instead of being drenched in sweat.
8) You try to write your own computer program to calculate the correct passcode for a particular score. So that you can enter a higher score than you can achieve on Internet Ranking.
7) You only stop playing due to onset of cramp in your legs.
6) You carry on playing despite having cramp in your legs.
5) When everyone else sings "Boom, Boom". You say "Mighty fine dollar" instead of "I want you in my room"
4) People think you have a stutter when you talk about the game. (Not applicable in Europe)
3) Whilst playing tic,tac,toe/noughts & crosses, you have an argument with your oppenent about their use of out of bound squares (theres 5 of them)
2) I can't be bothered to come up with some more reasons, this is cutting into my playing time.
10)You dress in the exact same outfit like the characters dancing on the screen in the background all the time.
9)You have at least a 100 mats for the playstation in case one breaks.
8)You steal the panels from the arcade and try to attach it to the playstation so you don't have to play with the controls or buy/use those crappy mats.
7)You try to find all DDR on icq just to increase your icq list numbers and then brag about how you know all the DDR people in the world.
6)School final gets in a DDR machine for those people who refuse to participate in any school extra activities/sports, yet they are willing to participate in a class called DDR 101.
5)The local DDR arcade is now into the bottle water business.
4)You ask your new boyfriend/girlfriend "Have you ever been mellow"
3)The local arcade now has a private room with a DDR machine just for you.
2)You vote for your favorite DDR song on your national top 30 song on the radio.
1)Your bedroom Wallpaper has all the steps to all the songs in all the verison of DDR.
10) sing the song that u r playing out loud in the public.
9)wear the DDR mat on ur back as a cape and dance in ur local arcade.
8)dance in ur Pajamas at ur local arcade.
7)step on wot ever arrow u see anywhere.
6)Drink while u play the game.
5)jig skool and play DDR
4)dance Butterfly without the music at skool.
3)eat while u play DDR
2)ur gf asking u " boys boys be my boys "
1)ur skool get a DDR machine and huv a " DDR period "
0)at ur local skool performing concert and doing a roll of " butterfly " and dancing the steps in the act...."ah yaya i'm ur little butterfly....."
10) Your personal ambition is to be a butterfly.
9) Your way of getting to know people is by dancing with them.
8) You dance on your hands.
7) You have ripped 14 pants trying to street dance (playing with hands and feet)
6) You have, through MAJOR alterations, managed to make your DDR mat at home exactly the same as the one in the arcade... down to the plastic arrow your swiped from your neghbourhood arcade...
5) Police catch you red handed trying to steal a DDR machine.
4) You refuse to wake up from your sleep every morning to go to school, because you dream that you have eternal credits in the DDR machine.
3) You find yourselve banned from your neighbourhood arcade for spoiling 7 machines with your extreme dancing style.
2) You go retro and dress like Elvis Presley while dancing... only to get women's panties thrown at you.
And the number one....
1) People have heroin. You have DDR
10)you begin to bring props with you when you play DDR
9)you now start using the support bars as bar of your act.
8)in your resume, under interest, you write Modern age dancing, but in a matter of fact, its really DDR.
7)no matter how many of those illict drug you take, it isn't the same like those lights flashing in DDR
6)when the speakers stop work because you blew them out, you bring the ones you have at home to replace them... along with the whole sound system to make it sound better
5)you are now sick of the same songs in the machine, so now you bring a turntable and start doing your own remix version of the songs
4)you ask your local arcade operator to stay overnight at the shop, so you don't have to go home and come back again the next day.
3)your local arcade names you the employee of the month, even when you don't work there.
2)you post your own top 10 DDR list ... ... ...
1)people now start asking you to change their money instead of going to the operators. (i got asked that yesterday.. at least 5 times).
10/ you download the .mp3's and get the steps and practice at home...
9/ your new 'part time job' is creating new steps for the step battle...
8/ your icq nick has something to do w/ DDR...
7/ you dance on the 2nd side of the machine, while player 1 is playing his own, single player game...
6/ while not in the arcade playing, you try and find the home version, or you play at home, to warm up for later...
5/ you go to the local DDR BBS constantly and keep on checking to see if people have replied to your msgs...
4/ songs that you used to dislike are good now, since they were featured in DDR...
3/ you're too obsessed w/ the game, that it slips out of your mind to try and find the codes for yourself, but instead ask ppl on bbs..therefor..[look at #5..]
2/ you go to arcades just to see people make fools out of themselves, then u play and show off after they play...
1/ like the other guy said; you keep on posting up DDR top 10's like so many ppl have dun before you..
10) You start to wear a white hat,one glove and grabbing you crotch a lot.
9) When seeing an attractive women in high heels,your first thought is 'how can she play in those'.
8) You have pet name for the DDR machine,like 'honey' or 'sweetie'.
7) DDR starts cutting into your busy Nintendo gaming schedule.
6) Your partner makes the ultimatum 'it's me or DDR' and you choose DDR.
5) You partner makes the ultimatum 'it's me or DDR' and you choose them,while continuing to play DDR in secret.
4) You talk to the DDR machine.
3) The DDR machine talks back.
2) You think the reference to the second coming in the Bible refers to DDR 2nd Mix.
1)The Arcade manager modifies the DDR machine to accept credit cards,just for you.
Top 10 Signs You've Gone Too Far In a DDR Comp Originator
10)You try to enter 50 times.
9)You demand your own dressing room.
8)You have more entourage than ricky martin, madoona and boyzone, will smith put together.
7)after watching so much video clips of stars and singers dancing. you are pretty sure that you now know how to move your feet and memorise how to move your feet to paranoia max dirty when it comes up, but yet you are unable to do the steps to have you ever been mellow or butterfly.
6)seeing that you are using your hands and feet to play, your opponent starts using his/her other body parts..
5)the local arcade place and the host of the competition gets you to sign their "we are not responsible for the cause of your death" paper.
4)while other dress up or bring props, you bring props, dress up and your own ddr machine.
3)You try to by insurance in case you hurt yourself in the competition. But they refuse to because of your pass medical records.
2)realising that you have failed to practice for the competition. you sneak in a two way radio earpiece and a camera. With someone telling you how to move your feets to the steeps, there is no way you can lose. the only problem is that can he say the steps fast enough.
1)You now do not simply walk onto the stage. But drop down from a 50ft ceiling attached from a harness amongst a colorful display of fireworks, cheerleaders, hire a crowd and loud music (ddr of course).
Top 4 Signs Your Arcade has Gone Too Far With Thier DDR Machine Originator
7) They build their own blacked out booth with graffiti on the walls, decorated with a mirror ball and rope lighting. (See Acton Superbowl) xilr8