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International DDR and PIU competition. @ 3/11/2002 9:40:29 AM
After the Success of DanceGames France European Freestyle Competition.

DanceGames International and will be hosting an International DDR & PIU Championship in the UK (KOSIII).

"After judging at the DDR European Cup it has inspired me to turn what was a UK comp into a International one" Jason Ho

"The DDR European Cup was a real success, it has shown that the DanceGames community is still going strong" Champ Sakulsaeng

"The quality of the routine on show was of a high standard and turn out was very good as well" Fred DanceGames France

Detail are still in the planning stage.What can be confirmed is The US will be entering and Also the French.

More news will be confirmed by your local rep. Note: DanceGames France will be holding a qualifying session from French particpants.

International and General Enquries e-mail [email protected]

European Enquries to [email protected]

UK enquries to [email protected]

Posted by Champ