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Dream Para Para Rox @ 3/19/2002 6:14:41 PM
Dream Para Para Rox on the DreamCast

Well overall let me tell you i'm very happy and at the same time quite disapointed.

Happy coz the sensors are great and the whole game is actuly made quite well.

Dissapointed coz of the songs (lack off)

Song List :

And yes i'm spelling it like they actually have in the game, god there are so many spelling/general mistakes in this game!

1) Velfarre 2000 - Ba2oora Girl (ment to be bazooka girl!)
2) Ike Ike - Tri Star
3) Johnny go! - Volta & Gabbana
4) Wheels of fire - Dave Rodgers
5) Fantasy - Virginelle
6) Mikado - Dave McLoud
7) Start - DeNiro
8) Pop Teen - Fastway (Domino does this song BTW, NOT fastway!)
9) Atomic Playboy - Mike Skanner
10) Everybody Dance - Lolita
11) Sky High(Euro type mix) - New Ton
12) Number One - Fastway

As many of you hardcore para fans will know, Half is not all but 2 have never or will never be realesed on "Offical" para.

This bunch of guys in Hong Kong made this themsevles, i am very impressed with the sensors and the overall game, this is only disk 1, these guys plan on bringing out a new version every few months!

although it is horrible un-offical but it works, and i took a huge chance buying this....

could have done with more songs, but i'll give it 7/10. Does anyone have any questions?

Writer: Ling!!!

Posted by DanceGames France News