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EuroMix 2 Konami works with @ 6/5/2002 11:38:49 AM
We can finally announced that EuroMix 2 is an offical project.

In March 2002 Konami contacted us and asked us to choose the songs for Euromix 2. Ofcourse not all our choices will be on the final version but yes it will be one that many players will like. was asked to keep this project under closed doors until we were given the go ahead to announce this.

While other sites gave misinformation we made sure that we kept our gobs shut so not to confused and start rumours.

The selection process was done by Champ, Mark, Nigel and Matt for and with the advice of GurtyGurt (DG:AU, RTF, BOM).

More news to come.

Posted by Champ