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Konami Releases Official News about Euromix 2 @ 6/26/2002 6:49:01 PM
Konami Amusement of Europe Ltd is gearing up to release their latest incarnation of what has been the most successful video game ever, Dancing Stage Euromix2. Due out this summer, the latest version comes in a chrome cabinet with a range of new music and a selection of enhanced features to make sure that Dancing Stage Euromix2 is a hit with every player. A prototype image of the cabinet has been made available only to the press.

The much anticipated and updated machine is loaded with 20 new licensed songs and a raft of Konami music. New dance features, improved graphics and a brand new customised player interface will make Dancing Stage Euromix2 a hit with old and new players alike.

The picture below is a konami prototype machine and it may look totally different when the final version is released.

Yet again stay tuned to for the most reliable news in the DanceGaming Industry.

Posted by Champ