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NDF and DG:au presents: Sydney Inter Centre Kompetition (SICK I) @ 6/30/2002 2:58:54 AM
Neo-Dance Force and Australia presents: Sydney Inter Centre Kompetition (SICK) - Round 1

This is the official announcement of the first NDF competition that is also done in conjunction with Australia. This announcement will also be made to the 'Beyond the Dancing Stage: 3rd Mix' BBS, forums, Team FiLo's Guestbook, RTF (Sydney) BBS and the main pages of and Australia.

Organiser: [email protected]/NDF/FILO

Competition format: A team of SIX (6) representing 4 of the main DDR Areas of New South Walse. It will be a Perfect Attack competition where the winning team will be determined from the total number of perfects they accumulate during the competition.

A secret draw will be done in the morning where it will determine which team will be vs'ing which team. The 2 winning teams will be playing against each other in the final using a completely DIFFERENT set of songlist and the losing 2 teams will be put into a playoffs playing for 3rd and 4th place.

Each team member in the team will be allowded to play THREE (3) songs in the opening round and only ONE (1) song in the final rounds.

In case there is a tie in scores, 1 more extra round will be used and the song will be chosen randomly using roulette.

Date: 10th of July, 2002.

Venue: Playtime Family Amusement Centre (George Street, City)

Machine used: DDRMAX2 - Dance Dance Revolution 7thMix

Check-in time: 11:30am
Starting time: 12:00pm

Price: $3 per person ($18 for the whole team)

Areas: City, Chatswood, Parramatta, Hornsby

Memory Cards are ALLOWDED to be used in the competition just for saving scores.

All teams must be confirmed by the morning of the competition. If you can, please send me ur teams and the members in it to my email ([email protected]) stating 'team name and members'.

All RTF competition rules will be applied, such as no swearing, mucking around or disturbance etc. Anyone caught breaching the rules will be disqualified and the team must play without him/her.

Good luck to everyone and i hope to see everyone at the comp on 10th of July.

[email protected]/NDF/FILO

Posted by Iori
Edited by Iori