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Rants and Rave! DanceGames editor tops DDRMAX2 Internet Rankings! @ 7/8/2002 9:46:42 AM
Yes indeed!

Currently i'm topping in the top 20's in the courses "Course 1", "Course 5" and the Set Oni course "Be For U"!

photographical prove will be coming later as soon as i know how to upload those damn pictures into the server!

But the real reason why i'm in the top 20's in the world is because the Internet Rankings server which is in Konami's HQ in Japan has been mysteriously been cleared, or deleted so all of the scores set by the best players in Japan and around the world (including my own native home of Hong Kong and 2nd home Australia) are all GONE!

The reason for the clearing is unknown, but at least this gives the chance for players to put their scores in and have a bit of 5 minute glory before the top players put their scores back in and bumps us down back to reality..... :(

Posted by Iori
Edited by Iori