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Euromix 2 - First Opinions @ 8/7/2002 8:52:31 PM
Whats up with London arcades these days? First, Play2Win get a PPP 2nd mix, and now Namco Station has got one of the countries first Euromix 2 machines (apparently they also have one in Bognor, but lets be honest now, where the f**k is Bognor?!). I ask again - whats going on?

But enough of the random tangent. Yes, Euromix 2 has finally arrived and I've played it! (well, I actually played it a few weeks ago at Konami HQ but enough of the boasting eh).

Where shall we start? Yes the songlist. When we posted up the songlist a few weeks ago, quite a few people didn't believe us. They thought we were stupid Europeans who knew nothing. They were wrong. While certain sites posted up random made up news stories about Euromix 2, we were the only site with the facts. So once again, I direct you to the songlist We were right, you were wrong ner ner ner...etc.

So what do you think of the songlist? I must say that the Konami originals picked up fantastic...Can't Stop Falling in Love Speed Mix is such a good song, and the step pattern for it on Expert is really well thought out. I was disappointed that E-rotic didn't make more of an appearance, but Test My Best is so so catchy! On the whole, an excellent songlist - a really good mixture of songs from the Japanese versions, as well as whole new Euro only songs. The step patterns for the Euro songs are pretty well thought out as well. (On a side note, why do people insist on hogging the machine to play the OLD Euromix songs, when the original machine is round the corner?!)

The visuals have been spiced up too. Every song now has their own unique background - even original Euromix songs have new funky 3D backgrounds which. The actual layout of the game is a lot different too. Instead of having spinning discs at the song selection screen, you get a list on the right hand side of the screen (songs neatly listed in mini groups, Konami Originals, EMI etc) Very nice. Certain songs are only selectable on your 2nd/Final stage - a little bit like Event mode, but...not really.

Oooh and what about the new announcer? At least I think he's new - gone are all the old classic comments: "Are you a monkey?" etc etc, and in come new phrases like "Hurry Up!" and "Marvellous". It's really strange, sometimes the announcer sounds like the guy from Banzai, and sometimes he sounds like a posh English gentleman. Glass of Chardonnay for you sir? Maybe the guy was drunk, who know's...

The cheat implementors have changed too. No longer is LRLRLRLR mirror mode - oh no, that now cancels any cheats input. Oh no. Everythings been mixed up...UDUDUD is now boost (remember, this game is based on the DDRMax engine, freeze arrows n all) I don't know all the cheats yet, but they shouldn't be too hard to find!

But what of the actual cabinet itself? Well nothings changed apart from the colour of the cabinet, which is now a rather fetching...grey. Yes. Everything else, bars, speakers, coin slot etc - remain the same. Of course, the logo has changed - its now the DDRMax2 logo, but with Dancing Stage Euromix 2 written over it.

All in all - Euromix 2 should be a resounding success. With Euromix being so popular, its almost impossible to see this one failing.

Posted by James