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Euromix 2 Pictures and more @ 8/8/2002 7:17:17 PM
Written by Thanatos

Right, well you all know Euromix2 exists, you all know the song-list (which was 100% accurate), so lets get down to what everyone really wants to know.

The engine is a modified Max 2 engine, we get foot ratings, but no groove radar, which is pretty awful, because ala Euromix1 you can稚 see the difficulty of the song before you select it, oh well, maybe next time Konami. The photos above are in sequential order, please click on the image for a higher resolution version. From the title screen you select your playmode (Single, Double or Couple), select a song, select a difficulty, then it goes on about freeze arrows if the song you selected has them, and then you play! It seems stupid on maniac level you get warned about freeze arrows, basic and normal yes, maniac no!

The most criminal thing about Euromix2 is there are no apparent rankings, high scores, non stops, oni, anything. I知 hoping they are unlockable, or will be in a final release, because the emission of them is not really acceptable, it値l be the only version of DDR that I know of without high score rankings.

Next come the modifiers, another feature lacking in Euromix2 from other versions of the Max engine is the menu you get up by holding down select. Now you have to input the codes with your feet, ala Euromix1. The good news is most of the Max modifiers are still in as far as we can see. We managed to get Boost, where the arrows start out slow and speed up as they go up the screen. Dark, where the arrow place holders at the top of the screen are not there so it is harder to judge when to step, and Reverse, where the arrows scroll down the screen instead of the usual up. The usual sudden, hidden, stealth, flat, left, right, mirror are there too, but the codes have changed, they appear to be based on 5th mix modifier codes, more on that when I get more information.

I知 guessing everyone really wants to know about the new Konami originals, so here goes. Memories: Naoki feat Paula Terry first, I知 sure I have heard this before, but it was pretty good, usual Naoki stuff, not too hard though, could have been better on the step patterns front. Crash!: Mr Brian & The Final Band was a surprise, it痴 a 200bpm metal style song, with very good steps, I知 pretty sure it was a cata, went down well with us lot. And the best of the bunch was Vanity Angel: Fixx, the steps were passable but very hard, similar to So Deep step wise, but less constant, very very cool though. As expected the Hysteria and B4U remixes were taken from Oni courses in Max2, the freeze arrows in B4U were pretty stunning. Also to clear it up, ONLY Konami Originals from Euromix1 were included in the song-list for Euromix2, although they included the ones from the newer Euromix1 such as 20th November and Paranoia KCET.

We didn稚 notice any bugs in the machine, everything worked flawlessly the whole 4 odd hours we were playing it solidly. The new cabinet is a nice shade of silver, although not that noticably different, everything else was the same. Max 300 has already been beaten by our very own Owen (babyvoxlover) as you can see in the picture above, well done! No one else at the arcade that day was able to pass it.

All in all despite the criticisms, and the criminal price of 」1 for 2 songs the pier in Bognor Regis are charging, Euromix2 is higher in my estimation than I expected. The song list is very very varied, and a nice range of songs from easy to totally insane. The new Euromix2 songs are really good, they have interesting step patterns, and Aaron Carter isn稚 as bad as I imagined.

Posted by DanceGames France News