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Exclusive: Dancing Stage Party - First Ever Look @ 8/9/2002 12:34:29 PM

What a game this is going to be! I was very lucky to have a chance to play this fantastic title in a London office this morning. Dancing Stage Party is the the second "Dancing Stage" title to be released in this country.

The game uses the 4th mix PSX interface but with an added twist - 5 all new European songs:.

- S Club 7 Don't stop moving

- Bloodhound Gang (title of track not yet known)

- Kylie Manogue (Can't Get You Out of My Head)

- Cardigans (Love Fool)

And one other track I forgot!

One thing which was really noticable was that the song lengths have increased, some spanning 2 min+ - also the step patterns are much better than the one created for the Euro tunes on Euromix.

The Konami orginals that I can remember being in the game are (all 3 of them):

Afronova primal
Don't stop

An in-depth review will be written in the next few days when we've played our exclusive copy (which no other site has, not even the Welsh) a little more in depth :)

Yes, Dancing Stage Party - seen it, played it, loved it, own it - who say's we're rubbish when it comes to news eh?

Note to editors: Please give credit to if you are going to use any bit of this article.

Posted by Champ