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Another World Exclusive: Dancing Stage Party - songlist announced! @ 9/4/2002 8:58:31 AM
Alright, this songlist that i'm posting comes from a beta version of DSP which Champ has got, and that means this songlist is 100% backed up by both and Konami as more rumoured stuff flying around!

But since these songs came out of a beta version, there might be extras or changes in the final version that will be released during Christmas of 2002.

Without delaying you anymore, this is the songlist to Dancing Stage Party - the new DG from Konami on the PSone:

Dancing Stage Party: songlist

Konami Originals:

Brilliant 2 U - NAOKI
.59 - dj TAKA
Afronova Primeval - 8 bit
After The Game Of Love - NPD3
celebrate nite - NMR
cutie chaser - Club Spice
don't stop moving - dr vibe feat jp miles
Dynamite Rave - NAOKI
end of the century - No. 9
groove - Sho-T feat. Blenda
higher - NM feat SUNNY
make it better (so real mix) - mitsu-o! Summer
Dead End - N&D
Drop The Bomb - Scotty D.
Let Them Move - N.M.R.
Luv to me (AMD mix) - DJ Kazu feat. tiger YAMATO
make a jam - U-1
Baby Baby Gimme Your Love - Divas
think ya better D - sAmi
PARANOiA 180 - 180'
make your move - Good Cool feat. JP miles
hysteria - NAOKI 190
Burnin' the Floor - NAOKI
on the jazz - Jonny Dynamite
look to the sky - System S.F. feat ANNA
wild rush - Factor-X

Lable songs:

Can't get you out of my head
Don't stop moving - SClub 7
you got love
bad touch - Blood Hound Gang
my favorite game - multi tempo

That is it for now....there MAYBE extras thrown into the final version since there is still a long time away from the official release date. Hope people like the list!

Many thankz to Champ (my boss) in providing me the songlist to update....i owe u a big one ^_^

Posted by Iori
Edited by Iori