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Drum Mania 7thMix: game review @ 9/8/2002 5:20:57 AM
Firstly, i didnt play the game's for myself because Sydney hasn't got its upgrade kit yet, so the following review is written by An, a good friend of mine who lives in Melbourne and is one of the leading DDRer's in Australia. I must thank him for the review!

The game was released in Japan on 30th of August as part of the new game in the Drum Mania and Guitar Freaks series, which its popularity is just behind Beatmania II DX as the number 1 BEMANI game.

The following review is a short cut out from the DM7 FAQ which An is producing inconjunction with GurtyGurt, the famous Aussie who produced the DDR FAQ that lies deep in's website.

The following are the names of the new songs, followed by the artist's name, the BPM of the song and the difficulties of the song (basic-advance-extreme)

Normal songs:

Robinson - Spitz ??? 11-25-39
Hitoni Yasasiku - ??? ??? 12-20-58
Another World - Gackt 201 12-24-55
Power - Helloween 220 13-29-55
Bre\-/k Down - Be For U 190 14-39-58
I Fought The Law - The Clash 152 14-32-57
Romance - penicillin 146 14-30-53
HOME GIRL - THE & SCANTY 165 14-26-40
Sweet Feline - Anna Vieste 157 15-28-43
The Ocean For You - Motoaki Furukawa 128 15-32-46
Russian Roulette - ?? 154 16-34-53
*Some Chinese song to be translated* 145 16-36-64
Mei Li De Jia Xiang - Liu Feng 173 16-39-54
Homesick Pt. 2 & 3 - Orange Noise Shortcut 178 16-33-70
Chocolate Philosophy - Yuu Tokiwa 110 16-44-68
Mind Your Step! - Snail Ramp 207 17-29-65
The Sun Shines Through Rain - Haruyuki Takano & New Big 5 146 18-24-39
Too Late Two - Des-ROW ??? 21-38-60
To The 1st Glancer - 099 ??? 22-42-56
* Candy - Yajuh-ohkoku 114 24-53-77
Kiss Me Goodbye! - Taeko 120 31-63-69
Keiko My Love - Jimmy Weckl 120 32-50-67
cachaca - Mokky de Yah Yah's 128 32-52-66
sotto - Suzuki AI 296 35-77-79

Long version songs:

Heaven Inside - Stephen McKnight 155 18-40-57
Suzy and the Time Machine - Thomas Howard Lichtenstein 190 18-31-56
Sweet Illusion - vivi (from Iyiyim) ??? 22-27-37
Family Restaurant Bomber - ??? ??? 29-52-66

Extra Stage songs:

Normal Song:
Mikeneko Rock - Anettai Maji-Ska Bakudan
Long version song:
she said... - asaki 153 50-77-83

Encore Stage (One More Extra Stage!)

Normal song:
Model DD3 - Mutsuhiko Izumi 230 60-81-90
Long Version song:
Infinite - Parallel Floaters 170 38-54-72

-=Now about some of the songs=-
Please note that I have listened to EVERY new song, witnessed every new song's note structure, but only listed a few here because the idea of an FAQ struck me too late in the evening.

Robinson: Just like Innocent World (DM6). Seems even easier.

Hitoni Yasasiku: Nothing too challenging here either. A decent Hi-hat workout.

Power: fast. Cymbal/Snare combination. Hi-hat/Snare Combo. Cybmal/Snare combo. Hi-hat/Snare combo. Pretty standard Drum Mania song.

Bre\-/k Down: If you've listened to the DDR version... Yeah, you should get the idea. It's fast, but really, that's about it. Bass/Snare/Cymbal combos are probably the only ones that'll break your combo.

Romance: THE NEW "DESTINY LOVERS" (DM6). Awesome song. Consists of triplets. Otherwise, not too challenging.

Sweet Feline: AWESOME song with AWESOME bass guitar. Some sections may break your combo. A few close notes, eg. Snare-Snare really quickly. Otherwise, pretty standard.

The Ocean For You: VERY similar to "Captain's Voyage" - both music and notes.

Russian Roulette: Hi-Hat/Snare combos with addition Hi-Hat/High Tom combo.

Momoiro Kataomoi: Very cute. The start has Hi-hat combinations. Consists mainly of triplets, eg. HHH HHH HHH, and Hi-hat/Snare combos. When using BabelFish, it translates to Thinking Pink.

Mind Your Step: Ska/Rock. Fast but pretty standard. Fast notes which could break combo and the second half of the song has a good set of Bass Drum notes.

Sun Shines Through Rain: Jazzy. Slow, not too challenging, but getting PERFECTS may be a hassle as some Snare notes are deliberately *just* off-beat.

To The 1st: Slow... Slow... and Slow... Nice Snare notes, and many are in groups of two, eg. S-S--S-S--S-S. Overall, interesting notes compiled for a slow song.

(Star) Candy: Nothing like the Candy's of DDR. Rock. Many Bass notes are close and therefore could break combo. Hi-Hat/Snare combo and High Tom/Low Tom/Snare combo near the end of the song.

sotto: Just like seiron. It's pretty fast. Sung by the same girl as well. Suzuki AI. Definitely not 'quiet' - meaning of sotto.

Mikeneko Rock: Very similar to "One Phrase Blues" (DM6 Bonus Extra Stage). Jazzy, funky. Notes are an array of everything, but nothing too difficult for a hardcore DM player

Model DD3: Nice sequel to Model DD2. I can't judge it properly as the person playing stuffed up mid-way. Will be checking soon.

Sweet Illusion: Cute. Hi-hat workout. Close notes.

Family Rest. Bomber: fast. close Bass notes, otherwise a good Hi-hat/Snare workout.
she said...: Rock. Fast. Should be rated mid 80s. The bass drum may prove to be hard for intermediate players.

Infinite: A very nice, cool down song. Shouldn't be too difficult for DM players.

All the optional mods are retained in the game, and 2 new mode called 'reverse' and 'branch'. More of them 2 will be talked about in the upcoming DM FAQ.

Updates will be done pretty soon, and the full version of this review will be carried in the Drum Mania FAQ which will be done pretty soon and be posted up on

Posted by Iori
Edited by Iori