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LATE Update: Select Music! @ 9/23/2002 6:11:17 AM
Sorry for this late update: i was unable to post this news on the day Konami announced this.

So whats the fuss about? Well Konami has directly admitted that there is a new mix after DDRMAX2!

The thing is, they did not announce anything besides the working title for the game, calling it "NEW DDR MIX" (not MAX).

But there is something great about this. Konami is letting YOU....yes, YOU to choose what song is going into this new mix!

On the page, they have started a survey which will run till the end of this month and in there you can submit the song you want from anyother BEMANI games such as Beatmania, Drum Mania, Guitar Freaks or even Para Para Paradise to be in the new DDR game!

Well the website to visit is and the link to the new DDR mix page should be right at the top.

Posted by Iori