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Official NEW DDR mix: Dance Dance Revolution Extreme @ 10/9/2002 5:27:30 AM

Konami has officially announced the new mix of DDDR for Japan. Itz the 8thMix in the DDR series and the official name is "Dance Dance Revolution Extreme", not DDRMAX3.

Konami currently bills this as the ultimate remix of DDR, but they have mentioned nothing of being the last.

At the same time, they have also announced the result of the voting they had on the website from the mid september till the 2nd of October. The voting was for which songs from other BEMANI mixes will go into the new DDR and here are the results:

beatmania: BE LOVIN, Miracle Moon ~L.E.D. LIGHT STYLE MIX~

beatmania II DX: A, V

beatmania III: Feeling of Love

DanceManiaX: Kiss Kiss Kiss, Mobo Moga

Guitar Freaks&Drum Mania: The Least 100secs, Destiny Lovers

Keyboard mania: Frozen Ray

Mambo A GoGo: Gamelan De Couple

ParaParaParadise: Hold On Me

Pop'n Music: Dai Genkai, LoveX2

Also Riyu Kosaka has announced a new song, called "Love (Love) Shine", written by herself and composed&arranged by Naoki Maeda.

The modes of the game are still unknown, but Challenge Mode (Oni mode) and Nonstop Challenge will be back for sure. It is featured in this photo:

If u look closely to the bottom of that pic, u'll see both Nonstop Challenge and Challenge Mode there.

For the fastest coverage of DDR-Extreme in the future, stick close to!

Posted by Iori