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DDR-Extreme: modes announced @ 10/11/2002 9:28:12 AM

Found in the core of the Konami homepage, more hasbeen revealed about the game.

It is OFFICIAL that Nonstop will be making a come back into the series. First and only included in DDR 3rdMix, the game pre-selects 4 songs and you will play them in order with a short break inbetween songs.

The other mode is the newly announced Beginner mode. Konami included this mode in nearly all its recent released BEMANI games such as Drum mania 7thMix and Guitar Freaks 8thMix. The game will let u play 3 songs on basic difficulty and no matter what u do, u wont fail at all.

Konami has also revealed there will be more than 230 songs in this new mix, which will make this the biggest DDR mix ever!

And these are the other pics for the game:


Posted by Iori
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