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Another World First: changes to Oni and Non-stop mode in DDR-Extreme @ 11/2/2002 10:48:07 AM
Another big big thank u to Jun, Youske, Ito, Nobu and his fellow crew for the information directly feeded back to me from the Location Testing machine in Japan!

Konami have made more and more changes to DDR-Extreme. Besides adding the 6 songs that was first to be revealed in the Western world by, Konami have added ANOTHER 2 new songs to the already growing list for DDR-Ex. The songs are: - Butterfly (!)
JJ Company - be in my paradise (DDR Club)

The current total number of songs has increased to 194 - the largest yet in any of the DDR games.

Konami has also made ANOTHER change to both the Oni courses and Non-stop mode courses. They are:

Oni Mode:

Course 1: butterfly (H), LET'S GET DOWN (H), I believe in miracles (H), If You Were Here (H), DAM DARIRAM (H)
(would this be the DDR 1stMix course??)

Course 2: colors (H), A (H), V (H), Frozen Ray (H), Sync (Oni)
(beatmania IIDX course??)

Course 3: DROP THE BOMB(System S.F.MIX) (H), L'amour et la liberte (H), Vanity Angel (H), The least 100 sec (H), Dai Genkai (Oni)

Non-stop mode changes:

Course 1: nothing has changed

Course 2: Love Love Sugar (Standard/Heavy), Love Love Shine (Standard/Heavy), Candy (Heart) (Heavy/Heavy), Sweet Sweet Love Magic (Heavy/Heavy)

Course 3: I'm gonna get you (Standard/Heavy), Blue Desire (Standard/Heavy), Dai Genkai (Heavy/Heavy), 321 Stars (Heavy/Heavy)

Stoic is officially listed under the title of "Under Construction". Also Blue Desire, A, Dai Genkai and Colors are now selectable songs in all modes!

Rumours are saying there are 2 new hidden songs in DDR-Extreme: titled by the Japanese as "Fin" and "Legend" (pardon me for my poor direct translation from Japanese!), and apprantly "Fin" will have a hyped up version called "Fin-MAX" which will be a Oni-only song where it would only be played in Oni mode, along with sync and The Least 100 secs!

And the last bit of news: [email protected], one of the legendary DDR player in Japan who has topped a couple of 1st places in the MAX2 Internet Ranking Courses by obtaining 100%'s on Oni mode has offically be the first to pass "The Legend Of Max" with a Double A (AA) grade. FREAKS!

Stick close to for the latest, fastest and the most exclusive DDR-Extreme news on the planet!

Posted by Iori