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If you would like to add some of the moves to your own site. Then please email [email protected] for permission first.

Move Definition Coolness Difficulty Author
180º mute air Jump up into air whilst tucking in legs so that they go across the body. Grab feet with one hand whilst doing a 180º. Land one foot on target panel. 7 6 xilr8
360° disaster Start some distance back from stage. Then run towards stage and jump just before you reach stage. Make a 360º rotation whilst travelling and land a foot on target panel. 7 8 xilr8
Anti-gravity/Matrix walk The dancer jumps up and briefly runs across the screen of the machine and jumps back down. Can be done as an introduction move.(ref. xilr8 and 'apparently' luke skinner) 8 5 Delmontebanana
B.O. arm raiser The dancer raises one arm above the head, and moves the head near to the armpit. The two arms alternate along to the beat of a song; bizarrely this move gives the effect as if the dancer is sniffing his/her own armpits to see if there is any sign of body odour. The style may look cool to some and silly to others, it's subject to taste. 3 2 Delmontebanana
Back flip Basically a back flip across the play area of the machine. It can be an introductory move, but is move often incorporated into a dance routine. 8 8 Delmontebanana
Back flip off machine As the title says, it is a move where the dancer uses one foot to step onto the machine and pushs against it to propel himself away in a backflip 9 9 Delmontebanana
Bar stall to 360º revert Turn round to face support bars, if not already facing that way. Jump up and forward landing both feet onto top of support bar. Hold this position, the stall, for as long as possible. When you are about to lose balance, jump up and forward again whilst doing a 360º, and land in front of the support bar, the revert. You don't want to impale yourself on the bar ! 9 9 xilr8
Bar vault Plant one hand on one bar and jump over the other bar with your feet. Keep your feet as close together as possible, they should be touching. Also kick up as high as possible for added style. Ratings are for feet togther. 7 7 xilr8
Bouncy Jubblys To increase attention of the crowd (and perhaps increase points in competitions), this dancer jumps up and down through the song causing a bouncing effect around the chest area. (ref. A***** and delmontebanana's gf) note. requirement is chest size 36D minimum and skimpy Tshirt. 9 3 Delmontebanana
Butt out The dancers sticks their posterior out to such an extent, it appears as if they have constipation. However, with some dancers, this move seems to improve their scoring. (ref. Delmontebanana) 2 1 Delmontebanana
Double leap-frog Same as for the leap-frog, except this time you're clearing both bars ! 6 7 xilr8
Dragons (saur's) perch Face screen. Face crowd. Blow them up (pose). Grab left back bar (your left) with left hand. Flip right foot on to right back bar. Lift yourself onto both bars (lazy style). Blow up crowd with pose. Flip left foot onto left bar. Stand up. Blow up crowd. Jump back or forward. Blow up crowd. Start routine (Saur', "I've managed to stay standing for about 5 seconds while on bars" ) 7 6 Saur'
Foot plant to 360° revert The Dancer jumps up gripping the hand bar/stabilising bar and plants his/her feet against the other bar. Then propells himself/herself out 360° onto a panel just at the right time. 540° outs are possible as well, although it has yet to be seen. (ref. xilr8 KOS vid) 9 7 Delmontebanana + xilr8
Hand jump Create a loop by grabbing left foot with right hand. Then jump up in the air using right foot and pass it through the loop. Land right foot on target panel. Swap left with right if using left foot to jump. (ref. xilr8 KOS vid) 8 8 xilr8
Hand stand Using the hand, the dancer plants it on one of the panels just at the right time with the arrow sequence and lifts his/her legs straight up in the air. (ref. xilr8 or jason Ho) 8 6 Delmontebanana
Hand support play The dancer falls on to his/her hands and plays the song either in a press up position or on their side with one hand supporting the body. There is a break dance sort of appeareance to the move. 7 5 Delmontebanana
Hands, Shoulders,Knees and Toes This style requires use of the knee, hands and feet (not shoulders... yet) for various parts of a song. The dancer practically sits in the middle of the panels and uses a set technique with the hands,knees and feet to give a break dance sort of effect.(ref. Phillip Moulson) 6 4 Delmontebanana
Knee drops Becoming increasingly common. This move uses the knee to hit the arrow panel. One or both knees can be used to hit panels, however beware of bruises. (ref. Tom, Dick and also Harry) 5 4 Delmontebanana
Leap-frog This is another move becoming increasingly common. It can be done as an introduction to a song, or can also be incorporated into a song where there is a large enough time gap to execute a leap frog over the hand bar. (ref. many elite players) 5 5 Delmontebanana
Leg up finish The dancer falls backwards onto the panels and presses down on the ground with his/her hands whilst raising one leg in the air and the other pushed against the body. Panels can be pressed as well by the hand and tucked in foot upon falling.(ref. luke skinner and delmontebanana (still practising for paranoia)) 7 4 Delmontebanana
Moonwalk A moonwalk is executed across the second players side to the end of the first players side (or vice versa) as an introductory move to the song. 7 4 Delmontebanana
Pointless 360º spin on the spot As stated, its pointless, only such a move can be thought up by Luke Skinner (ref. Luke Skinner KOS vid) -29 4 Delmontebanana
Pyramid spin The dancer raises his/her hand above his/her head and holds them together in a praying gesture whilst spinning around in a circle (ref. Champ and xilr8) 3 2 Delmontebanana
Reverse play The entire song is played backwards without looking at the screen. (ref. Phil Moulson and others) 4 9 Delmontebanana
Shuffling A style where the base of the shoe only rises less than a couple of inches off the ground. Dancers using this technique often return to the middle after every button is pressed and use alternate legs to press each arrow in a sequence. This often causes a squeaking sound which can become an annnoyance when it is done persitantly (ref. squeaking Jeremy, and most elite dancers) 6 4 Delmontebanana
Slides Moving one foot from one panel to the next without hardly lifting it, but dragged. Leg is kept straight and all done in one smooth motion. 5 2 xilr8
Splits finish The dancer finishes off by doing the splits across player 2 panel to player 1. Panels can be pressed in double mode or single mode in this way. (Jason Ho) 7 5 Delmontebanana
Stomping The dancer stomps hard on the panel to try and achieve greater numbers of perfects 4 1 Delmontebanana
Super Stomping This is a form of style where the dancer adopts the style of a gorilla subconsiously and jumps as hard as he/she can on the pad. This often exerts alot of energy and so required a lot of stamina. (funniness rating: 2034) 2 2 Delmontebanana