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DG Exclusive: Europe Get Updated Version of Konamix @ 6/26/2002 6:33:53 PM
The Pipeline Pipes Out A New DDR Release

The Pipeline Pipes Out A New DDR Release

Water is in the pipeline, and along with this liquid seems to be the emergence of a new PSOne DDR release. Plans forbidding, this new game will be flushed our way come Christmas and once again have those cheesy jingles pumping out of the TV set. Let it be known that this new game will be an enhanced version of the newest PSX DDR Mix in America, DDR Konamix (released in April). This was the first game where the track listing was determined largely through the people’s choice, and is therefore far from rock bottom of the DDR pile. This is good news for us European counterparts, as we’ll be getting all these lovely tunes along with some new additions, creating a unique track list targeted at us specifically. It’s unlikely these new tracks will be taken from the upcoming Euromix 2, such are the licensing costs, but a few tracks from DDRMAX may seem a more probable bet. Rumours have been floating about concerning this new PSOne release for a few days now, but this is the first report with real substance. You will be seeing this game come Christmas.

For the benefit those owning a Japanese or modified Playstation 2 console, news has reached us that The Computer Exchange in London currently has 7 copies of DDRMAX in stock. If you want to get hold of the title without too much hassle, this could well be the easiest way to pick up a copy, so check it out.

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Matthew Sexton

Editor, DG:UK


Posted by Matthew S