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31st of July: Last day for DDRMAX2 Internet Rankings @ 7/25/2002 10:43:24 AM
As the title says it all, Konami announced that they will close all password and score submissions to the DDRMAX2 Internet Rankings on 3pm (Japan time), 31st of July which is next Thursday.

If you live in UK, then you will need to put the due date back by 1 day because your timezone is abt 1 day behind Japan's.....

In other DDRMAX2 Internet Rankings related news, Konami still havent found out what really happened to all the old scores and records that got wiped out completely 2 weeks ago. Rumours that is circulating on the internet says that some hacker as well as DDR player in Japan hacked into the Konami server for fun and deleted the records because he wasn't good enough to be no.1. I reckon its highly unlikely and this sounds just like a joke.......

Anyways, get your entries in peoples, time is running out!

Posted by Iori