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About Us + Namco Operations joint venture @ 9/19/2002 7:20:26 AM + Namco Operations joint venture's just keeps on growing - the internationally acclaimed site has just announced its latest venture, a co branded site with gaming giants Namco. We are pleased to reveal Namco DanceGames; the site will bring the UK DanceGames scene together like never before!

The site will be managed by DanceGames founder James Chong and his band of merry men (and women). They will keep the site updated on a regular basis.

So why Namco? They are about to release a brand new website - (the first stage in Namco's plan to increase the awareness for their UK operations on-line.) The site will provide users with access to all 10 UK venues and the facilities available.

For the release of the site, Namco Operations are giving away a full sized arcade machine worth £2000 to one lucky user. Plus for everyone who visits the site there is a downloadable voucher which offers FREE activities in some of the Namco Stations. At this stage, rumours that will offer free porn to celebrate the release of the new site, should not be believed.

The co-branded page will be a new area on the NamcoExperience site just for DanceGamers. The new area will include information on where you can find the games, competitions, reviews as well as a freebie or two.

All this exciting news doesn't mean anything will change on this site (apart from a few links) the co-branded page will just be a great new extension which will hopefully be beneficial both for us and you, the player. DanceGames Australia already run concurrent continent wide tournaments - with this new venture, we can provide similar competitions for the UK and possibly Europe on an even larger scale.

We'd like to mention Namco approached us - we didn't approach them. Why did they do this? There are many reasons, possibily because we are considered the best Dance Games related site on the net. Having launched in late 1999, we are one of the only original DG sites still running - Namco must have an eye for QUALITY.

The joint site should be up in the next few weeks - so
watch this space for more information.

NOTE to Editors: is a Privately owned site established in January 2000. We have 3 Main Divisions;

DanceGames UK,
DanceGames France
and DanceGames Australia.

The site is maintained by people with industry experience in the DanceGaming world and has a close realtionship with Konami Amusement Europe, Konami of Europe GMBH, Andamiro and Future Publishing. is the largest site of its kind in Europe and boasts more than 80,000 impressions per month.

Namco Operations Europe Limited

Namco Operations Europe Limited was established in 1993 to develop multi leisure venues that would combine entertainment's from the cutting edge of technology with established leisure activities. Their objective is total entertainment and they have encompassed these ideas within a highly successful format - Namco Station.
Other Namco entertainment centre brands in Europe include Namco Wonderparks, Gamestations, Namco Centres, and [email protected] The Namco entertainment experience can be found in the UK, Spain and France.

Posted by Champ
Edited by Champ